Silicone Hoses

TURBOLOCH Silicone Hoses: Quality, stability and maximum durability

TURBOLOCH silicone hoses have been developed for motorsports and fully meet the high requirements in pressure and temperature resistance. Own performance tests have shown our silicon hoses to have a pressure resistance of more than 5 bar and a temperature resistance of more than 200°C. Although the TURBOLOCH silicone hoses are extremely stable, they offer high flexibility and are resistant to various chemicals used in automotive engineering and motorsports. These characters offer easy handling, installation and - of even more importance - an extremely high durability. This has been proven hundreds of times already by long-term test as pressure, recirculation and cooling hoses!

Due to our TURBOLOCH silicone hoses are resistant to salt-water, they are also a perfect choice for various other applications including maritime use or aquaristics.

  • Fabric reinforced silicone
  • Chemical resistance
  • Pressure resistance up to ca. 5 Bar
  • Temperature resistance up to ca. 200°C

Almost all TURBOLOCH silicone hoses are available in black and blue. Depending on diametre they are reinforced by different numbers of fabric layers.

  • Ø 13-48 mm = 3 fabric layers / 5 silicone layers / wall size 4 mm
  • Ø 51-80 mm = 4 fabric layers / 6 silicone layers / wall size 5 mm
  • Ø 89-102 mm = 5 fabric layers / 7 silicone layers / wall size 6 mm


Air intake hoses, intercooler hoses, waterhoses

Hoses (straight)

Ø 13-48 mm = 3 fabric layers / 5 silicone layers / wall...


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