Lug bolts

Highest quality for your safety
Our wheel fastenings are exclusively from EU manufacturers that certified to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 by TÜV and also the OE car manufacturers buy from. That's why all our wheel fastenings fully correspond to the highest OE quality standards. To prevent the bolts or nuts from corrosion all have an anti- corrosive coating, mostly being zinc-plated in silver, chrome or black.

Wheel fastenings are wearing parts!
Wheel fastenings are amongst the most important parts for car safety! Lug bolts and nuts are subject to extensive war and tear, not only caused by the fastening and loosing torques but also high variation in temperature e.g. caused by braking actions and atmospheric influences and corrosion caused by salt during the winter. Hence, the correct tightening torque and safety of the vehicle cponsequently cannot be assured anymore after a certain time. Therefore it is much recommended to replace lug bolts and nuts after at least three years of use!

Please carefully check wheter the lug bolts or nuts you want to buy fit your car and rims! In addition to the type and length of the thread also the strength category (8.8 or 10.9 according to international standards) and type of seat are important. The seat can be flat, conical or spherical with a R12, R13 or R14 radius. When using wheel spacers always go sure that the bolts can be tightened by at least 6,5 thread turns. We are at your disposal for any questions and advice. Don't save on your safety!

For the case you do not find fitting wheel bolts, studs or nuts for your special car, write us an e-mail or call us by phone. We can offer suitable parts for every car!

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