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Why You Should Choose RACEWARE? to Protect Your Engine?

RACEWARE? specializes in the German cars. RACEWARE? owns, drives and races German cars. RACEWARE? are national and world record holders with German cars. RACEWARE? lives and breathes German cars. RACEWARE? developed the RACEWARE? Aerospace Quality engine fastener line to improve the performance and reliability of these wonderful German cars. RACEWARE? works with the German car makers and RACEWARE? was approved by Porsche as an OE cylinder head stud supplier for the Porsche 993.

RACEWARE? is dedicated to providing customers with the finest Aerospace Quality German engine fasteners in the world. Actual street, track and lab testing have proven that RACEWARE? fasteners are superior in design, engineering and performance. No one has more expertise on Aerospace Quality engine fasteners for the German engines than RACEWARE?. RACEWARE? is the source and they offer uncompromising quality in their products and service! You deserve the best for your German car ? you deserve RACEWARE?.

Bigger is Not Always Better
Many people do not understand that a bigger stud diameter is not always better for a given application. For a head stud to function properly and not loosen while in operation, it needs to be tightened so it has a specific amount of tension. If it has too little tension it will loosen from vibration. If it has too much tension it can bend or distort the cylinder head or engine block/case resulting in expensive engine damage. A properly designed head or main bearing stud must also allow for the thermal expansion that all engines experience when going from ice cold to searing hot. Many people falsely believe that going to a larger diameter head stud is the solution to preventing head gasket leaks. This is often untrue and can actually result in broken cylinder heads, damaged cylinders on air-cooled engines and damaged engine blocks or cases.

To meet all of the above operating requirements a head or main stud must be properly designed, engineered and manufactured. While there are basic engineering parameters incorporated in all stud designs, the best head or main stud design is part science and part ?art.? You can?t just open an engineering book and find a formula that tells you the best design for a given application. When increasing the stud diameter, you must increase the tightening tension on the stud to keep it from vibrating loose. This increased tension and clamp force can bend or distort the block and head, causing cracking and leaks. The larger diameter stud may also not allow for proper thermal expansion, resulting in stripped threads in the block.

There is a fine line between the proper clamp force to prevent leaks and bearing shuffle and too much clamp force that can cause engine damage. This is where experience matters. Unlike other companies, RACEWARE? delivers ultra-high strength Aerospace Quality engine fasteners that are a perfect fit for your engine. In addition RACEWARE? fasteners are easy to install. No machine work is required to install genuine RACEWARE? head or main bearing stud kits. They are a direct replacement for the original studs or bolts.

It?s also important to understand that one tightening torque figure does not fit all fasteners of the same diameter because the structural rigidity of the components being used varies, and thus the clamp force and tightening torque must also change to match the application. We?ve seen some fastener companies specify TWICE the proper tightening torque for a head nut on Porsche engines, resulting in expensive engine damage after the engine has been run up to operating temp a few times. More proof that a higher nut tightening torque and excessive clamp force are not the correct choice. With RACEWARE??s 40+ years of engine design expertise you get the absolute best engine fasteners and detailed installation instructions for your engine.

Designing and engineering the best threaded fasteners for the application requires vast expertise in engine design. For over 23 years RACEWARE? has been delivering the ultimate threaded fasteners for the German engines. The more you know about engine design, the more you?ll want RACEWARE? in your engine.

Better Engineering
For over 40 years RACEWARE? engineering has been leading the way in German car performance and engine design. RACEWARE? was one of the first companies to invent high swirl, compact combustion chamber cylinder heads. RACEWARE? also created record setting ?modular? cylinder heads and introduced roller camshafts to the VW air-cooled engines. RACEWARE??s unique rocker arm assembly design allowed stable race engine operation at engine speeds in excess of 10,000 in pushrod engines. RACEWARE? engineering has produced advanced engine designs for major car makers and developed the most airflow efficient intake port design ever measured by one of the largest car makers in the world.

RACEWARE? Engineering has won nine NHRA National Event Class Titles, set NHRA national speed and ET records, and designed and developed the record-setting VW GTI 16V engine used in the Thumper Racing dragster that set four world records. This tiny 1800cc engine employed custom machined billet aluminum mechanical fuel injection that produced over 600 SAE dyno HP. RACEWARE??s ability to make reliable, insane power for auto racing has led to the development of the RACEWARE? Aerospace Quality engine fasteners that you get to enjoy today.
Decades of engineering excellence are incorporated into the RACEWARE? Aerospace Quality engine fasteners that you can buy for your German car. While you can find cheaper fasteners for your car, you won?t find a better performing threaded fastener solution than RACEWARE? because each kit is designed for your specific engine and has passed the test of time. At RACEWARE? we are not ?Marketeers?? we are experienced engine designers and engineers who devote all of our energy and resources exclusively to producing the maximum performance and reliability possible from the German engines. We don?t use phony names for the alloy steels that we use to produce RACEWARE? fasteners, nor do we make unsubstantiated performance claims for our fasteners as some companies do. We simply deliver the best engine fasteners available for the German engines. This has been proven in actual street and track use and in independent lab testing. We are the no B.S. source of the best engine fasteners available for your German engine.

RACEWARE? for those who know real performance!