LESCOT - A different vision of car care products

For more than 40 years the French manufacturer LESCOT, who is part of the MOTUL Group, has designed and distributed maintainance products for large car manufacturers.
LESCOT has drawn on the best of its expertise and know-how, so you can take advantage of carefully selected formulas fulfilling the requirements of car care and a growing fan community. In 2013 LESCOT has introduced an own series of car care products for consumers, currently consisting of eight different products. Six of these products have been decorated with the "NF Environment" award, an official French certification which marks environment-friendly products with confirmed effectivity.

There is a special accessory for each of the eight products - a microfirbre cloth, sponge or a special brush - which increases the effectivity of each particular product.

In 2013 the LESCOT car care series went into a partnership with the Porsche Club Motorsport and is since presented on various events to show the outstandig quality and properties of the products: Auto-Salon Genf, 24h-Race of Le Mans, Le Mans Classic, GT Tour or Rétromobile.
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